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The Game of Baccarat
The Game of Baccarat is Easy to Learn!

The word baccarat is derived from the Italian "baccara," which means "zero." The game of Baccarat provides players one of the best chances to win!

A simple betting system for Baccarat calls for increasing your bets after a previous win over a cycle of five hands:
First Hand Bet = 1 Unit
Second Hand Bet = 3 Times the Original Bet
Third Hand Bet = 4 Times the Original Bet
Fourth Hand Bet = 5 Times the Original Bet
Fifth Hand Bet = 6 Times the Original Bet

After the Fifth Hand Bet Cycle revert back to the initial bet that you placed on the First Hand. The easy to remember betting system ratio is 1-3-4-5-6.

Important: Never bet a tie!

More On How Baccarat Is Played
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